Ewallet System

Ewallet enables every member who has registered to do online payment safely and comfortably. Privacy finance data will not be exposed for safety. Member can transfer and receive money only by using email or login with phone number. Any transaction like bonus adjustment or member registration can be done easily. This is great alternative for conventional payment and also one of the best payment solutions that is fast and save. What will you get from E-wallet system? These are some features we provide:

    Cash in transaction
  • - Commission from Compensation Plan Calculation
  • - Deposit (Transfer from bank)
  • - Transfer from other E-wallet account
  • - Bonus adjustment, etc.

    Cash-out transaction
  • - Paying for new membership
  • - Withdrawal
  • - Transfer from E-wallet to certain account
  • - Bonus adjutment
  • - Online transaction

E-wallet balance statement.

E-wallet management.

Double security for transaction.

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SMS Gateway

This can give you a plus point and increae your services to customers/members as well as a simple way to make everyone catch up with the newest business development . It is useful for broadcast bonus notification when there is certain event. It can give WOW effect for the ones you prospect.

    What features do you get from this Add-on? Here they are:
  • - Registration notification
  • - Bonus notification
  • - Broadcast SMS
  • - Auto schedule SMS
  • - Bonus confirmation

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Company Web & CMS System for Public

Esoftdream build company website for you to always be one step ahead from your competitor. You can manage the web content according to your needs anytime, anywhere when necessary without any coding experience. We understand your needs and always try to make you do your business activities run easier.

Email Gateway

Every member and future members can get benefits from email gateway. Newest information is sent from this platform so everyone know what new and whats trending in their business. Besides practical, email is fast delivering information as well as notification. Another advantage of this Add-on is that it is a low cost marketing tool.

Email can also be a good tool to interact and cooperate with customers/members. Communication that cannot be done directly because of long explanation can be done through email. The email can contain not only quotation or promotion, but you can also give tips related to the business.

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Stockist Management System

Every registered member can enjoy the stockist management system to help them observe the product movement from and to the stockist or distributor faster in real time. Member can arrange the product warehousing location optimally and distribute them well.

This add-on also enables member to get access right guarantee, product supply, order accuracy, and shipment under control. The availability is 24/7, so the error handling and reporting is increasing. When business today needs additional feature to make it fast and easier, this is the Add-on you need for doing your business activities better.

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Web Refferal and Web Support System

The function of web referral is to maximize the message deliverance from mouth to mouth. Via this information technology, the deliverance can be more structured and its accountability can be maintained. This way, the award given to the one who refers is also guaranteed. Member can get sponsorship, registration, invite data, referral registration as well as member and bonus management.

While web support system is for the leader and also future leaders to maintain their members and support the network expansion. The features are domain and hosting; content and product management and future member management.

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Company Blog System

Business today is also supported by blog activity. Blog system is now considered as a need for every businessman who has website. Like the other newest marketing tool, blog is one of the effective tools to promote and introduce the product you sell. As advertising media, blog is also effective to expand your business. We provide the system so that you can boost your business with SEO articles, images, and also videos.

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